Welcome to CSE Agents Association

The purpose of the CSE Agents Association, as stated in our Constitution, is to unite all agents for their mutual benefit, to obtain and secure their rights as CSE agents and to strive for the constant improvement of service to both Agents and Policyholders in conjunction with the company.

Although the insurance industry landscape and topography has changed greatly since those principles were first enumerated, they still hold true. Our Association has existed and continues to exist due to the dedication, hard work, and belief by its members that as a group, as an Association, our strength and ability to work with CSE is of much greater significance. The results are more tangible and long lasting. And this has produced an esprit de corps that is singular and unique in the industry.

We welcome and encourage all CSE Agents to become members of the Association. Our strength and success is a product of and is reflected in our membership, in our diversity and in our uniting with a common purpose.

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Please join your fellow CSE Agents for three days of fun, information and Agency Building  April 19th and 20th At the Paso Robles Inn, Paso Robles, CA. Details including how to reserve your spot are above under the 2017 CSEAA Convention menu.